Why choose to holiday on wheels?

As a family who has enjoyed the great outdoors together for many years, we cannot recommend enough choosing a motorhome holiday over any other. If you are experienced 'glampers' you will be very familiar with the benefits, but if you are a first-time motorhomer you are in for a real treat. There are so many benefits to hitting the road with the family which we could talk about for hours, but here we highlight just a few...


When motorhoming there is a real sense of adventure and coming together for a family. From navigating to your next location, deciding on the seaside or city, walking in the country and stumbling upon a lovely little village pub, to setting up the barbeque while the kids play outside and chatting about your day together, there is no other holiday that brings you all together as much as a motorhome holiday.

the chaos

Starting your holiday with the chaos and stress of an airport can definitely add a sour note to the proceedings. Hotels can also be busy finding yourself jostling for your toast at the buffet, and racing to bag you and your family a sunbed.

In a motorhome, you are in control of where you go and for how long. If you want to avoid crowds you simply rock up at a remote location and enjoy the peace and quiet. 


With a motorhome you can change your itinerary at the drop of a hat. If you fall in love with somewhere you can extend your stay, and similarly if you do not like your location you simply move on. 

You can choose to pre-book your stopovers or you can just wing it and see where it takes you. That is part of the fun, sitting around the barbeque with a glass of wine chatting about where to go next! It is truly a mini adventure and something different for the family to get involved with.


There is no set itinerary, you are in total control. You do not have to be at the airport by a certain time, or at breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a set time. You can please yourself and take things ay your own pace. There are few limits to where you can explore and endless places to visit and stay.

You will discover a new appreciation for the simpler things in life, and realise just what a beautiful world we live in. Motorhoming gives you the chance to experience things you will want to experience again and again.  

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